DZY level belt filter
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A, the polymer PP as raw material, in place of the traditional tape skirt hem, change the traditional high temperature organic corrupt sex rubber skirt hem use short consumers like slim noodles situation. Second, the field use:
A, the nozzle of the action:   The process water injection, cleaning the filtration cloth and duct tape, and configuration of the seal of the straw have vacuum, so can ensure clean job site. The shower nozzle adopt the international spray the
Correction device: the air cylinder or promote correction turn certain Angle to automatically correct the excursion of the filter cloth, and ensure the normal operation of the filter cloth.
I company research and development, production, with carbon steel various kinds of stainless steel as matrix used the unique technology to make the gas-liquid separator, and PE, PP, PO with carbon steel materials such as integration (lining, the lini
Friction band structure schematic section: Friction with structure features:   (a) wear-resisting, deformation, stratification   (2) tensile strength, elongation little deformation   (3) sliding layer friction resistance small
Skirt hem structure design for a wave, flexible, elongation big; After roller Jane when will not cause tear, can prevent DaZhou filter cloth. The EP200 four layers of ring rubber belt polyester fabric, tape skirt hem combined structure, the waveform
Rubber belt is called vacuum belt filter, belt conveyor is DU level vacuum filter, vacuum belt washer of key components. The belt body for the rows of lateral surface groove, groove in a row row by row or more liquid hole, drainage
Product description:   Core concept: the maximum utilization of the latent heat in the secondary steam, the vast majority of the latent hea
1.working principle   Evaporation process is much effect by multiple evaporator the evaporation of the combined operation of the process. Much effect when the operation of the following effects evaporate required pressure and solution the boiling
1.working principle   Three-way enrichment device in one, two effect in lies clapboard separator top and lumen interlinked steam chamber, steam chamber bottom pick up straight pipe and the next level heater connection, for two or three times the s
一.Working principle   DNY concentration belt type filter press is my company in DY type belt type filter press on the basis of the independent research out with high practical value of sludge dewatering equipment. To filter cloth as the fi
1.working principle   DY type belt type filter press is introducing foreign advanced technology, based on more than by the domestic sludge dewatering technical experts was developed with the international advanced level in the sludge dewatering eq
一.working principle   DZY level belt filter is the mature technology I based on the research and development of a new type of high degree of automation pressure filtration equipment, the filter cloth or mesh as medium, the slurry level to decorate
一.working principle   DGZ fixed vacuum belt type filter press machine is the independent research and development of new filter equipment. With trait filter cloth as the filter medium, make full use of the materials of the area before the gravity
一.working principle   DI continuous level vacuum belt drying filter is a high degree of automation of new filter equipment, the filter to filter the cloth and the mesh as medium, the slurry level to decorate in the filter medium on, make full use
F.liquid-vapor separator  F.return water pump   H.vacuum pump    L.rubber belt 2、desulfurization process: 二.working principle Rubber belt type vacuum filter machine adopts the fixed vacuum box to vacuum negative pressure to realize the impetu