DZY level belt filter
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As national key project-the tailings dry fillet in use provides the multiple mature technology and equipment. In FeiYan, citric acid, medicine, chemical industry, providing more than 20 sets one effect and evaporator. For north Korea provides DU 6 sets of vacuum belt filter rubber, and three evaporator. In the copper sulfate industry, our company for north Korea and jinchuan group provides many sets of DU series equipment.

For meishan steel group in the cinders filter project, provides three set DI series level of vacuum belt filter.
In the citric acid solution and projects, for FengYuan biochemical provides many sets of DU series equipment.
In potassium feldspar industry, because energy saving mature technology as an industry specified inside suppliers for industry provides many sets of DU series equipment.
As national key flue gas desulfurization project, provides more than 30 sets DU equipment.
For the domestic flue gas desulfurization project magnesium method, first provide equipment operation.
In the molecular sieve, 4 A zeolite, etc, and provides more than 10 sets application DU equipment.
In the rare earth industry provides multiple devices in use.
China's first successful use concentrate and tailings in fluorite dry row dehydration projects.

  • Potash feldspar using site

  • Field of power plant desulphurization

  • Iron tailings dry row dehydration

  • Chemical industry, heavy alkaline

  • PBF Calcium sulfate and calcium

  • DU Iron ore on the application

  • Tape machine in the use of