DZY level belt filter
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一.working principle

  DZY level belt filter is the mature technology I based on the research and development of a new type of high degree of automation pressure filtration equipment, the filter cloth or mesh as medium, the slurry level to decorate in the filter medium on, make full use of pulp gravity and vacuum suction vacuum solid-liquid separation realize level 1, level 2 high pressure extrusion dehydration solid-liquid separation. Level vacuum belt filter can be used in a variety of concentrations of material conditions, filtration efficiency high, this machine is suitable for ordinary belt type filter press (DY type) of the application in all occasions, and great capacity of production 30-50%, moisture content filter cake of small 5-8%; Thus continuous finish feeding, filtering and washing, pressure filter, and unloaded and filter cloth regeneration process operations. 


   Equipment has high efficiency filtration, great capacity of production, low water filter cake, flexible operation, maintenance cost advantages. Can be widely used in industry, chemical industry, paper making, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields of solid-liquid separation, especially for need of washing and the compressibility of fine stick material dehydration had a good application. 


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