DZY level belt filter
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Dry drained in the pile ofTailings reclamation
The inclined plate thick and vacuum dryer tailings use:   1, apply to the mine tailings all the mud vacuum dehydration, this process needs to be added as a drug use mud flocculating sedimentation, achieve separation dehydration effect, use thi
Hydrocyclone is principle: Hydrocyclone is depend on centrifugal sedimentation separation. Will need to separate two phase mixture with certain pressure from hydrocyclone is feeding into the mouth, and in rotary flow within the formation of
The inclined plate thick machine USES:       The inclined plate thick machine is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment, it has a high concentration of flow, overflow turbidity small characteristics, widely used in tailing
1. The characteristics and applications Enrichment, feed, filter, dehydration, filter cloth recycling continuously and automatically complete, a high degree of automation, large capacity, used in a mine fine tailings dehydration and other pr