DZY level belt filter
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Skirt hem structure design for a wave, flexible, elongation big; After roller Jane when will not cause tear, can prevent DaZhou filter cloth. The EP200 four layers of ring rubber belt polyester fabric, tape skirt hem combined structure, the waveform skirt hem and parallel tape adhesion and into, this structure skirt hem flexibility good, can avoid the skirt side after the rollers redirection rupture, can prevent material liquid flow from both sides. The upper structure of rubber belt for middle row after row of water grooves, grooved drill vacuum drainage among a hole, drill empty parts of pure rubber no layers, can prevent the liquid through the layers into rubber layer fiber to tape layered, greatly extend the service life of the rubber belt.

Second, skirt side of the bonding mode:


A, cold nien method: the adhesive tape and skirt hem adhesion for an organic whole. Easy to field work, simple operation, adhesive speed, the cost is low; But the bonding strength is poorer, use short cycle.

Second, hot sulfide method: suitable for high temperature, strong acid, strong alkali work environment, bonding performance is good, with long life. But the bonding work cycle is long, higher costs, factory processing transportation installation inconvenience.


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