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1.working principle

  Three-way enrichment device in one, two effect in lies clapboard separator top and lumen interlinked steam chamber, steam chamber bottom pick up straight pipe and the next level heater connection, for two or three times the steam pipe. The steam from the top separator steam chamber, directly into the next level heater. For steam chamber cross section of the steam pipe than average, straight into the lower level of heater without turning, closer, greatly reduce steam resistance, increase the flow, improve the separation efficiency. And because of the steam chamber is located within the separator, reduce the lead of the steam heat loss. One effect of the heater of ventilation with separator of condensing water pipe, room of condensed water discharge from below, to avoid the steam loss, and solved the traps of noise and pollution. The front end of the hand cleaning allied hole, easy to clean the bottom edge horn the remains of the heater. The separator independent charging hopper, convenient for observation and control feeding flow. Three groups of heater and arranged according to decorate the separator, shorten the total length of the equipment, it is easy to operate.

2.scope of

  Widely used in citric acid, lactic acid apple fruit juice, glucose, starch sugar, oligosaccharides, YiTang, sorbitol, milk, fruit juice, vitamin C, maltodextrin, the concentration of aqueous solution. And can be widely used for monosodium glutamate, alcohol, fish meal, the treatment of waste liquid from industry.

   The equipment in the vacuum cryogenic continuous operation, has the ability to evaporate high, saving energy and reducing consumption, and low operating cost, can keep the earth materials handled by the original color, aroma, taste and composition. In food, medicine, food processing, beverage, light industry, environmental protection, chemical industry and many other industry of water or organic solvent solution evaporation and concentration of strong are widely used. 

3 .system composition

  The main equipment i effect heater, separator, hot pressing pump, condenser, vacuum system, sterilizer, heat preservation material pump, pipe, water pump, valve, piping and instrument GuiZu into. All of this equipment and materials are made of high quality stainless steel to make contact. 

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