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The inclined plate thick machine USES:




The inclined plate thick machine is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment, it has a high concentration of flow, overflow turbidity small characteristics, widely used in tailings processing, wet smelting, environmental engineering dressing, environmental engineering, etc. The inclined plate thick grade machine, using unit integrated inclined narrow flow classification equipment hydraulic models and equipment structure characteristics, the design of the flash SuBian form the inclined plate grade machine, the upper and lower by the cabinet composition. The classification of the inclined plate mainly in the process classification combination finish in the body. The inclined plate combination classification including side plate, tilt plate and article space, tighten fasteners by stent through graded component tighten, formed a complete classification combination, which can satisfy the different classification object and different particle size of classification classification units section size, tilted plate thickness, tilt Angle board and other parameters of the different requirements, according to different classification of tilt board classification equipment required for simple deformation design, in greatly reduced the cost of equipment at the same time, the use of the equipment of the best classification efficiency thick, reach the highest classification efficiency. The pulp of the inclined plate into thick machine, solid particles in gravity along the axial settlement to shell on the wall, under dead weight and scraping mud under the action of the focus from the next cone center eduction, water is clear from the top surrounding overflow eduction. Mainly used for metal tail pulp, choose the pulp, coal slime water, power, chemical industry pulp enrichment and clarify, achieve the purpose of dehydration.




The inclined plate dense the main advantages of machine:




1, according to integral equipment delivery, or adopt a prefabricated components and base delivery, less cover an area of an area means that the lower the cost of installation




2, square contour are more likely to achieve the planning and construction




3 and can be installed in any system inside, decorate afresh convenient and quick to comfortable




4, process changes, increase the flexibility of the expansion




5, steel structure is simple, appearance standards




6, convenient synthesis of special materials and coatings




7, easy operation and simple maintenance




Tilt the main characteristics of thick plate machine:




The body and set a thin layer of mud, and are heavy structure quaking rake without sake. Rake hoisting mechanism for optional part




Special design position is used to optimize the feeding port area and dense area ratio clarification




The interval between the plate for dealing with high levels of the pulp and thick solid particle size




No short circuit or surface turbulent phenomenon




Will flocculation sensor and variable speed mixer combined




Pipe process is relatively short




Top installation in order to gravity their homework for downstream feeding




Monitoring simple and convenient

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