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F.liquid-vapor separator  F.return water pump   H.vacuum pump    L.rubber belt
2、desulfurization process:

二.working principle

Rubber belt type vacuum filter machine adopts the fixed vacuum box to vacuum negative pressure to realize the impetus solid-liquid separation equipment, it is a new, highly effective, the continuous operation of solid-liquid separation equipment; Tape in vacuum box slide, vacuum box and tape a motion of the sealing between structural type. It can continuously and automatically complete filters and filter cake cleaning, discharging slag, filter cloth regeneration process operation, and the mother liquor with a filter cake can twist section collection. Has the filter efficiency, great capacity of production, washing efficiency, low water filter cake, flexible operation, simple maintenance, etc. Tape machine for years by the improvement and perfect, the product of the technical performance and quality has reached the international advanced level, and has been widely used in metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, power plant wet flue gas desulfurization, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical and environment protection, etc.

三.technological process

四.technical parameters

Desulfurization using the site                             Iron ore with on-site

Fertilizer use on-site Steel cinder

Steel cinde                                                                            K-feldspar using the site

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