DZY level belt filter
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一.working principle   DZY level belt filter is the mature technology I based on the research and development of a new type of high degree of automation pressure filtration equipment, the filter cloth or mesh as medium, the slurry level to decorate
一.working principle   DGZ fixed vacuum belt type filter press machine is the independent research and development of new filter equipment. With trait filter cloth as the filter medium, make full use of the materials of the area before the gravity
一.working principle   DI continuous level vacuum belt drying filter is a high degree of automation of new filter equipment, the filter to filter the cloth and the mesh as medium, the slurry level to decorate in the filter medium on, make full use
F.liquid-vapor separator  F.return water pump   H.vacuum pump    L.rubber belt 2、desulfurization process: 二.working principle Rubber belt type vacuum filter machine adopts the fixed vacuum box to vacuum negative pressure to realize the impetu