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Huzhou Heyuan Machine Co.,Ltd is the best China Liquid-vapor Separator manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to buy discount or wholesale Liquid-vapor Separator products from us.

I company research and development, production, with carbon steel various kinds of stainless steel as matrix used the unique technology to make the gas-liquid separator, and PE, PP, PO with carbon steel materials such as integration (lining, the lining) gas-liquid separator. Make steel line model to meet both the mechanical strength of steel, and at the same time has plastic corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, resistance to the negative pressure, no scaling characteristic, is the metallurgy, mining, power, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and chemical (tanks, tubes, kettle, tower, groove, steel, etc.) of anticorrosive equipment ideal choice. 

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