DZY level belt filter
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1.working principle

  DY type belt type filter press is introducing foreign advanced technology, based on more than by the domestic sludge dewatering technical experts was developed with the international advanced level in the sludge dewatering equipment. Is a new and effective operation of continuous solid-liquid separation equipment, suitable for urban sewage plant, water factory and paper making, leather making, printing, dyeing, slaughtering, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, building materials, brewing, food industry etc in industrial wastewater sludge dewatering work, also suitable for the industrial production liquid-solid separation or the liquid leaching working procedure and resource recovery of the ideal equipments. uses

  Pulp through the cloth evenly spread of feeder in the cloth, form a thin layer of NiCeng, surface water to filter cloth for media through the gravity quick exhaust go, sludge solid makings is trapped in the cloth. Along with the filter cloth of the road, in the cloth on the interception of solid particles in the slot of the filter cloth extrusion roller type above, further off moisture. To finish feeding, continuous pressure filtration, unloaded and filter cloth regeneration process operations. 

3.Process Principle

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